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EDEN LT | Wax&Hive


The Eden LT environmental control system, powered by TGC, combines high-quality components and construction with easy to use plug-and-play functionality. Offering complete control for smaller grows, Eden LT’s proprietary control system doesn’t require complicated programming—simply plug the system in and use the intuitive touchscreen interface to begin controlling nutrient and water delivery, capturing environmental data, and controlling lights in your cultivation facility.

Facilities with up to 4 Rooms

Skid Mounted 110V Plug-and-Play

Batch System – Up to 10 Nutrient Zones

Fits Through Standard 60” Doorway

Touchscreen and Mobile Interface




Weight 250LBS. (Approximate)
Tanks 100 Gallon Conical Tank
Room 4-5
Requirements Water: 15-20 GPM
Electric: 20Amp, 220-240VAC, 1Phase
Cat 5 (Ethernet Cable)
Programmable Alerts Yes
Program Required Plug and Play
Nutrient Zones 4 to 8
Mounting Skid
Monitors & Controls (Environmental Sensors included) pH, EC, Temperature, CO2, Air temperature, Humidity, Light
Mobile Interface Yes
Mixing Pumps 6 Nutrient Pumps, 
PH up and down pumps, One half HP 
Mixing / Verification Loop & Sensors Yes
Maximum Supply Pressure  
Maximum Flow  
Flow Rate / Injection Ratios  
Flow Meters Incoming
Display (size) 9 PCL Based with HMI Touchscreen
Dimensions 60″W x 36″D x 60″H
Customizable No


Platform: Batch

Room: 4

Nutrient Zones: 10 

Display: 9 PCL Based with HMI Touchscreen 

Mobile Interface: Yes

Monitors & Controls: PH, EC, Water Temp Feed Pressure (leak detection) 4‐ (Temp, Co2, RH, Light) Pre wired with 100’ cord and water proof connectors 

Programmable Alerts: Yes

Nutrient/Mixing Pumps: 6 Nutrient Pumps (2 additional can be added for a charge $400 each) PH up and down pumps One ½ HP

Tank: 100 Gallon Conical Tank

Mixing / Verification Loop & Sensors: Yes

2- Flow Meters: Incoming / Outgoing

Maximum Supply Pressure: 80 PSIG

Program Required: Plug and Play

Mounting: Skid

Requirements: Water: 15‐20 GPM  Electric: 20Amp, 220‐240VAC, 1Phase Cat 5 (Ethernet Cable) 

Dimensions: 60″ W x 62″D x 60″ H

Weight: 250LBS. (approximate) 




Need more information or have questions?

Call 720-316-6284 or Fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will reach out within 48 hrs.

Highly reliable, industrial grade PLC controllers

Comprehensive, easy-to-use customer interface with full remote control and monitoring capabilities

24/7 support and service after the sale

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